Bulk Flow Drag Conveyor Specs


  • Capacities up to 40,000 bph.
  • 3/16” – 1/2” Abrasion Resistance bolt on bottoms for easy replacement
  • 10 gauge – 3/8” Abrasion Resistance reusable side liners
  • UHMW flights attached to Induction Hardened steel chain
  • Flame Cut and Hardened Spilt Sprockets
  • Dust tight UHMW seals with Stainless Steel Guides
  • Return Rails plated with Abrasion Resistance Steel
  • 7 Gauge Head and Tail Construction
  • 10 Gauge Housing with Angle Flanges
  • Split Head design for easy Removal of drive
  • Heavy Duty Drive Components
  • Flanged Hipped Lids for a Complete Weatherproof Seal
  • Leg assemblies bolt to the Housing for future removal of the Bottoms
  • Heavy Duty Tail Adjustment Assembly
  • Standard Lines and Customizable Applications Available
  • Hot dipped galvanized, Painted or Stainless Steel Systems Available
  • 7 gauge Hot Dipped Split Head and Tail Casings
  • Split and Hardened Sprockets
  • AR lined Return Rails
  • WHX Chain with 10’ of cottered adjustment
  • Class II Drive
  • TG&P Shafting
  • Dodge Imperial Bearings
  • Fully cast Motor and Junction Box
  • Inspection Doors on Head and Tails
  • Stainless Steel Adjustment Points/Slider Plate

Download Capacity Chart for Bulk Flow Conveyors