RNC-CO Unveils New Brand Identity

RNC-CO Conveyance Company, a Maryland based material handling manufacturer, recently rebranded to improve visual communication. After nearly 25 years in business, RNC-CO wanted to update the brand identity to include elements of their product line. The new brand includes elements from bucket elevators and conveyance equipment.

“We have spent a majority of our history perfecting the most efficient means of material handling, we wanted our brand image to illustrate that level of commitment,” said Reggie White, company owner.

RNC-CO Conveyance Company Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of en-masse chain conveyors, bulk flow conveyors and bucket elevators. Focused on longevity and serviceability, RNC-CO aims to define the best operational efficiency for each project, while maintaining quality handling that keeps performance at its peak. Operating throughout North America and South America, RNC-CO offers customized conveyance equipment, back by industry experience, resulting in the best material handling product for each facility.