New Orleans Delivers Big for GEAPS


We met by the bayou and brought home some beads, but the best thing about New Orleans last month was getting to see all our customer’s faces at the GEAPS Exchange! It was a pleasure to meet potential customers as well. This is one of our favorite networking events and it never fails to deliver fun! 

In case you missed the event, we loaded up our best and brightest- equipment and staffers- for a week full of learning and listening. The GEAPS staff put on a great event! We saw new concepts at the Idea Exchange with products ranging from the Self Closing Safety Gate by Secure Gates LLC to the Trap Turner Hopper Trailer Opener by Mustang Equipment. We even heard from our old friend, NORD Gear Corporation, on their newest: the MAXXDRIVE┬« XT Industrial Gear UnitClick any of those items listed to learn more. 

Safety was front and center on the trade show floor with multiple, daily demonstrations for facility staples like the coffer dam and the sloped roof retrieval system. Expo Pods further enhanced facility product learning with topics that included open belt conveying safety, conveyor belt best practices and bulk material handling safety devices.  

We look forward to next year’s event in Minneapolis, March 21 thorugh 24.