Why Choose RNC

We wanted to be sure we offered you the best equipment possible and we think we can do this within your design parameters. Belt and chain speeds can vary on design and change the cfh being conveyed so we remained conservative in our process to be sure we maintained the targeted cfh.

We also wanted to mention a few points of why we think our equipment is the better choice.

Our head sections are 7 gauge Hot dipped Galv that are a split design. These head sections are designed with the maintenance personnel in mind. Remove the split section of the cover and the whole drive assembly can be removed as one unit.

Our bearing choice is the Dodge Imperial Bearing. All of our shafting is C1045 TG&P (turned ground and polished) which exceeds Standard Cold Rolled Shafting to insure the equipment also exceeds expectations and performance.

On our Tails sections we use 7 gauge Hot Dipped Galv for the case. On the adjustment points we use Stainless Steel backer plates, Stainless Steel guides and Stainless Steel Acme Rods. All this to insure that the equipment doesn’t seize up or become un-maintainable. This is a feature that sets us apart from our competition.

Our AR Side liners are ‚ÄúReversible “, meaning that the studs that hold the side liner in place are symmetrical in placement. Once the bottom edges are worn down by the largest percentage of friction is located, you can simply rotate the liners 180 degrees and reinstall using the same studs and hardware. This is a feature that sets us apart from our competition.

Our choice of sprocket is a product of the USA; the gears are Flame hardened and Split in all our applications to our specifications.

Our chain choice is a product of the USA; this chain is highly valued as the standard in the industry of engineered chains. Our flight attachments and flights are factory installed, then installed inside of the conveyor housings. WHX is an induction hardening process that lasts longer than the standard WH series. This is supplied in all of our conveyors that do not require drop forged to be used.

Each section of conveyor is pre-assembled, knocked down, matched marked and labeled to the highest of accuracy to insure the millwrights have clear visuals as well as field prints to create the most value to the customer.

Bucket Elevators
Our Head sections are made from 7 gauge Hot Dipped Galv.

We have jacking bolts for both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the head pulley.

Our choice of Head and Boot pulleys are a product of USA, these pulleys are well known in the industry and is the perfect fit in our quality equipment.

We supply as a standard, 360 degree head platforms that feature a gated walk thru access points.

Our Ladders and Platforms are made from bar stock, prefabricated and then hot dipped for the strongest platforms possible. Our clamp on style platform and ladder braces proved a secure mounting point, all from bar stock and then Hot Dipped.

Our trunking sections are all jig welded, double cross braces welded in and are unitized to insure accuracy in the installation process and for the end operational performance. All trunking is brought back to the factory after the hot dipped processes to install the NFPA recommendation relief panels and to match mark the sections for the installation.

We have dual access points to inspect and change the head pulley lagging.

We have dual inspection points on the head section. One is in the throat of the discharge to retrieve possible debris and to inspect or adjust the throat plate. The other access point is in the bonnet, this is to inspect the liner and overall performance of the discharge.

Our boot sections all have the same pattern on each side, inspection doors and shovel pockets fit on the same bolt pattern on either panel.

All boot sections have a Stainless Steel backer plate, Stainless Steel Guides and Stainless Steel Acme threaded rods for long lasting easy adjustment points.