Bucket Elevator

RNC-CO Bucket Elevator Literature

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Every detail that creates RNC-CO bucket elevators is planned and purposeful. From the strategic design elements that maintain and protect the commodity to the superior materials that create each feature, the best options are in place for ease of use and longevity.

  • Standard Models to 60,000 bph
  • Utilizing Premium Components
  • Rigid, Unitized Design

The design team at RNC-CO has built, installed and serviced hundreds of bucket elevators. They understand the components that need to be accessible during maintenance. The standard models are built with maintenance in mind and customizable applications are available for facilities that are burdened with spatial issues.

  • Maintenance Friendly Construction
  • Customizable Applications Available
  • Rigid Heavy Duty Head & Tail Bearing Mounts

We aim to give you the work horse that you can brag about! We’ve implemented premium components with abrasion resistance and stainless steel elements, along with dust tight UHMW seals to extend the life of the bucket elevator. The adjustability and ease-of-access lend to serviceability which naturally extends the life of the product.

  • Abrasion Resistant & Stainless Steel Elements
  • Dust Tight UHMW Seals (Mechanical Option Available)
  • Assembly Enhancements Where it Counts
  • Spacious Casing Sizes
  • Adjustable & Accessibility
  • Utilizing Premium Components