Precision Grain Handling Equipment Manufacturing

We build durable, reliable bucket elevators, bulk flow or en-masse chain conveyors that deliver many years of dependable service.

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The design team at RNC-CO has built, installed and serviced hundreds of bucket elevators. They understand the components that need to be accessible during maintenance. The standard models are built with maintenance in mind and customizable applications are available for facilities that are burdened with spacial issues.

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Product Service & Training

RNC-CO is proud to be a hands-on manufacturer. We want our product to be your most understood piece of equipment. We offer on site training, service calls and industry training at K-State.

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Bulk Flow Drag Conveyor Specs


  • Capacities up to 40,000 bph.
  • 3/16” – 1/2” Abrasion Resistance bolt on bottoms for easy replacement
  • 10 gauge – 3/8” Abrasion Resistance reusable side liners
  • UHMW flights attached to Induction Hardened steel chain
  • Flame Cut and Hardened Spilt Sprockets
  • Dust tight UHMW seals with Stainless Steel Guides
  • Return Rails plated with Abrasion Resistance Steel
  • 7 Gauge Head and Tail Construction
  • 10 Gauge Housing with Angle Flanges
  • Split Head design for easy Removal of drive
  • Heavy Duty Drive Components
  • Flanged Hipped Lids for a Complete Weatherproof Seal
  • Leg assemblies bolt to the Housing for future removal of the Bottoms
  • Heavy Duty Tail Adjustment Assembly
  • Standard Lines and Customizable Applications Available
  • Hot dipped galvanized, Painted or Stainless Steel Systems Available
  • 7 gauge Hot Dipped Split Head and Tail Casings
  • Split and Hardened Sprockets
  • AR lined Return Rails
  • WHX Chain with 10’ of cottered adjustment
  • Class II Drive
  • TG&P Shafting
  • Dodge Imperial Bearings
  • Fully cast Motor and Junction Box
  • Inspection Doors on Head and Tails
  • Stainless Steel Adjustment Points/Slider Plate

Download Capacity Chart for Bulk Flow Conveyors