Maintenance: Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors

RNC-CO builds industrial strength conveyors that last. With that said, if you want them to really last, there are key service assignments that need to be completed on a seasonal basis. This practice also allows you to take care of any wear items that may reak havoc mid-season.   Here's the reader's digest version: lock-out tag-out, open all maintenance doors, visually inspect every inch (bolts, liners, chains, bearings...), tighten, realign and replace anything that shows wear or trouble, close it back up. It's that easy, a few hours of maintenence can save your days in your busy season! 

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Built Tough, Delivered Fast

Built Tough

RNC-CO offers industrial strength material handling equipment that is customizable. Our company leaders design, install and train on the equipment, so they know the intricacies that customers face in the field.  With two locations, RNC-CO offers prompt service and production. We ship complete and on time. 

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Our team loves to figure out little tricks to efficiency, so much that we compiled all the tricks into a handy-dandy upgrade file. Over the next year, we'll be sharing those tips with you- here! You may already practice these tips, but just in case:  Upgrade #1: Install an electrical disconnect within 6 feet of your conveyor motor.  This will help with locating the disconnect and remain visible to the mechanics during seasonal maintenance.

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New Orleans Delivers Big for GEAPS


We met by the bayou and brought home some beads, but the best thing about New Orleans last month was getting to see all our customer's faces at the GEAPS Exchange! It was a pleasure to meet potential customers as well. This is one of our favorite networking events and it never fails to deliver fun!  In case you missed the event, we loaded up our best and brightest- equipment and staffers- for a week full of learning and listening. The GEAPS staff put on a great event! We saw new concepts at the Idea Exchange with products ranging from

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