Meet the Old Guy…

Reggie White, RNC-CO Owner

Last month we featured the team’s newest addition. To counter that, we want to feature our most experienced leader this month. 

Reggie White is not a man to toot his own horn. Humble, hard-working and honest, he has grown RNC-CO to be what it is today. The team, the products and the brand are all something he relies on everyday- and wants you to do the same! 

Customer trust and performance are essential to Reggie. You can find him at a new equipment install, on a service or maintenance call or out to dinner with a customer who wants to talk through a new idea. He never hesitates to get his hands dirty and always aims to get the job done right! 

Above all of this, Reggie is grateful. He appreciates that life is short and we need to make the best of everyday. This includes making the best for every customer.  

He doesn’t work for pats on the back, he works to do the right thing.  

To schedule a visit or call with Reggie, drop him an email or simply respond to this email.