Meet the Old Guy…

Reggie White, RNC-CO Owner

Last month we featured the team's newest addition. To counter that, we want to feature our most experienced leader this month.  Reggie White is not a man to toot his own horn. Humble, hard-working and honest, he has grown RNC-CO to be what it is today. The team, the products and the brand are all something he relies on everyday- and wants you to do the same!  Customer trust and performance are essential to Reggie. You can find him at a new equipment install, on a service or maintenance call or out to dinner with a customer who wants to talk through

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NORD in the Driver’s Seat

Nord Drive

Check out this beauty, above, that just left the line! This customer only uses NORD, so we built to suit. NORD geared motor drives provide superior performance in addition to high axial and radial load capacity. Thanks to NORD's modular design concept, customers also benefit from industry leading delivery times. Flexible input designs and mounting options ensure simple adaptability to countless applications.   What's more? NORD drive solutions offer a high degree of performance and safety assurance. Couple that with RNC-CO's powerful, rugged conveyors and, as you can see, it's a win-win!

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Meet the New Guy…

Bob Daugherty, RNC-CO Salesman

RNC-Co kicked off the New Year with a new acquisition. We are proud to announce that Bob Daughertyhas joined our team as Sales Manager. Bob is an industry veteran with a variety of industry manufacturer experience spanning from Product Manager to Marketing/Sales. He knows material handling inside and out. For the last two decades, Bob has focused on customer support, thus making him a great addition to our team. We want to deploy team members that make our customer's experience something to talk about!  We are also counting on Bob to capture field data while he is on visits. What is working great

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Ship Complete, On Time.

At all of our production facilities, our goal is to ship our loads complete and on or before time. Keeping our word to our customers is a priority. Whether a complete handling system, or a replacement head, we don't want to hold up your project or production. Your time is important to us. Hosting our own fleet has allowed us to maintain this promise. Our transport schedule is based on our deliveries, not thousands across the nation. Your order makes a difference to our company, big or small. Now, let's take a moment to celebrate the colleagues that put these

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Forward Thinking Starts Now

RNC-CO Conveyors & Bucket Elevators

Quality is the key to every success. We know that, but the smell of a new year bears the question, "What are you going to do about it?" Being proactive in planning and partnering is key to quality performance. Recovery is much more difficult, than planning! We encourage you to take time, do your research, dig deep beyond the pretty face of marketing and really consider experience and results. Do the contractors in your facility truly understand your objective and priorities? Is the equipment optimal or just functioning? Is your team trained in their specific standard operating procedures? We ask ourselves the same

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30 Industry Professionals Build Skills During a HOT December

In December 2017, the first 30 participant s took part in the inaugural Hands-On Training (HOT) Program from GEAPS and Kansas State University. The participants represented 16 companies and hailed from 13 states across the U.S. Over the course of two and a half days, they worked in small groups on six different types of common grain conveying equipment. Overall , feedback for the course was very positive. One of the participants was Rhonda Knutson, United Grain Corp, Minneapolis Chapter. Rhonda is account manager and bookkeeper at her facility. She was interested in the program to prepare for future promotions.

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RNC-CO Unveils New Brand Identity

RNC-CO Conveyance Company, a Maryland based material handling manufacturer, recently rebranded to improve visual communication. After nearly 25 years in business, RNC-CO wanted to update the brand identity to include elements of their product line. The new brand includes elements from bucket elevators and conveyance equipment. “We have spent a majority of our history perfecting the most efficient means of material handling, we wanted our brand image to illustrate that level of commitment,” said Reggie White, company owner. RNC-CO Conveyance Company Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of en-masse chain conveyors, bulk flow conveyors and bucket elevators. Focused

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